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Welcome to the American Equine Dental website!  Our team has been hemming and hawing for a couple of years now getting this website in gear.  We had a difficult time deciding what exactly we wanted to put out there for our visitors.

Over the last decade the number of equine dental-related websites has went from few to hundreds or thousands.  There are several likely reasons—More and more people are learning the advantages of this global communication facet, more equine dental techs are surfacing, and more horseowners are learning of the very great importance of good equine dental work and care.

October 2005 is the date of our grand introduction to the web community.  It is phase I of our grand scheme to be The #1 Online Resource & Referral Center for Veterinarians, Dental Technicians and Horseowners®.  Every month we will move into additional phases, adding and expanding upon our content to provide to you all the resources possible in the matters of equine dental care.

Our mission with this site is to keep it an ever-changing and expanding base with which to learn, teach and exchange ideas.  We want you to join a growing community of conscientious horse and equine dental enthusiasts.

We invite you to take a look around our website.  Please email with any suggestions or questions you might have as we aim to serve your needs. 


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Jonesy smiling.
“Look at my nice teeth! Thank you American Equine Dental for finding me and my owner a great equine dental tech!”
   - Jonesy, 8 yo AQHA gelding

Walking on beach with horses.
Walking on beach with horses.